The City of Albany’s First Roundabout Planned

  • March 12, 2015
  • Albany, GA

Croy Engineering is pleased to be involved in the Westover Boulevard extension in Albany, Georgia. The project, currently in the concept phase, includes extending Westover Boulevard underneath the Liberty Expressway to connect with Ledo Road. Recently, Croy Vice Presidents Chris Rideout and Eddie Wade presented to the Albany Commission the approximately 12.5 million dollar GDOT conceptual design. The commission voted unanimously to approve Albany's first roundabout.

For Wade, the project will be particularly satisfying. “Growing up in the Albany area, I am excited to return home and provide transportation solutions to a community that I am deeply rooted to. I travelled Westover Boulevard daily when I lived here, and am excited about not only the congestion relief that will occur, but also the growth potential that this extension will bring to Albany."

The Westover Project, led by Rideout, will progress into the preliminary design and environmental phases, and is expected to be complete and open to traffic as early as 2020.