Croy Engineering managed the update for the City of Austell’s Comprehensive Plan in order for the City to maintain its Qualified Local Government (QLG) Status. Following new Planning Standards, the plan was comprised of three major components:

  • Community Goals
  • Needs and Opportunities
  • Community Work Program

After defining the Community Vision, a set of goals, objectives, and policies were identified and used to form the base for identifying specific tasks to be accomplished by the City, which was then compiled to form the Short Term Work Program. The Comprehensive Plan document is intended to be dynamic in nature and Croy assisted the City in devising plan implementation and assessment to help govern the efficacy of the plan.

Study efforts involved the following:

  • Conducting a detailed study consisting of demographics, income, and race
  • Housing property analysis, business typology analysis, and workforce analysis
  • Creating Community Profile of the City
  • Identifying designated representatives of the community to form Stakeholder Committee
  • SWOT Analysis conducted involving Community Stakeholders to prepare a locally agreed upon list of Needs of Opportunities that the community intends to address