Croy Engineering is a member of the Program Management Team for the 2005, 2011, and 2016 Cobb County SPLOST Program. These programs are comprised of capital improvement projects that include major roadway improvements, sidewalks, trails, streetscapes, intersection improvements, resurfacing, roadway safety improvements and new location projects. 

Services Croy staff is providing include:

  • Construction Inspection
  • Construction Management
  • Right-of-Way Acquisition
  • Pre-construction Engineering 

These programs have required the supervision of numerous consultants, contractors and vendors as well as extensive communication and coordination with local, state, and federal entities. Of extreme importance have been the public information programs for the clients. 

The Croy Engineering staff is integrated into the Cobb Department of Transportation management structure and represents the County on many project issues. The Croy team members interact with citizens and property owners, as well as elected officials, on a routine basis and insure that the Cobb DOT staff is well apprised of any issues that arise for a project.