Partnered with another consultant, Croy Engineering led the project team contracted to update the Coweta County Joint Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP). As a joint plan, Coweta’s municipalities of Newnan, Sharpsburg, Moreland, Grantville, Turin and Senoia were key partners in the plan update process.  The CTP Update serves as a guide for future transportation investments in Coweta, while the update confirmed transportation needs in the County by bringing existing travel and development conditions data from 2006 to the current year and extending future projections to 2040. It also served as a tool for reprioritizing projects/programs and identifying funding based on anticipated growth.  Study efforts explored new and innovative strategies to address deficiencies and expand travel opportunities Countywide. A supplemental Public Transit Needs and Feasibility Study was conducted as a part of the CTP Update in order to identify and quantify transit needs and define investment strategies.

Five goals guided study efforts:

  • Promote coordination of land use and transportation
  • Support economic and community development
  • Improve accessibility, connectivity, and safety, for movement of people/goods
  • Develop a multimodal transportation system that maximizes community and regional support
  • Preserve and enhance the natural and social environment 

As the study progressed, a series of interim deliverables—the Inventory of Existing Conditions, Needs Assessment Report, Recommendations Report, and Methodology for Project Evaluation—built towards the final deliverables: the Coweta County Joint Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) Update Plan Summary and Final Technical Report documents.  The Public Transit Needs and Feasibility Study report is the final deliverable for the supplemental transit task.