The Decatur County Industrial Air Park is a surplus military airport that was turned over to the local government after released by the Air Force. The airport portion of the tract was to be used for aeronautical purposes with the remaining land for development of an industrial park. The industrial park has several existing major plants with railroad spurs that traverse the airport to provide access. Over the last 11-12 year the following projects have been constructed on the airport:

  • Property Condition Report to assess WWII-era hangar and the surrounding area conditions
  • Phased improvements to the WWII-era hangar
  • Airport Layout Plan Update
  • Terminal Area Plan
  • Rehabilitation of the concrete apron
  • 500-foot runway and taxiway extension on the East runway end with lighting
  • Installation of an approach lighting system (MALSR) on East runway end.
  • Installation of a localizer facility on West end of runway 9/27.
  • Strengthen and rehabilitate runway 9/27.
  • Installation of and Automatic Weather Reporting System (AWOS).
  • Rehabilitate connecting taxiways.
  • Seal cracks and rejuvenate runway 14/32.
  • Installation of Glide Slope facility to provide precision approach procedure on the East end of runway 9/27.
  • Rehabilitate apron drainage facilities.
  • Rehabilitate taxiway from apron to runway 32.