As part of the 2005 and 2011 SPLOST programs, Croy Engineering provides full-service engineering, planning and surveying services to the City of Marietta. Working with the City, the firm has developed numerous solutions to improve traffic operations and pedestrian connectivity along the Fairground Street corridor. Croy also provided construction management and inspection services for each of the solutions being implemented. Projects to enhance safety, provide pedestrian improvements and reduce traffic congestion along Fairground Street include:

  • Dual by-pass lane roundabout design and construction to accommodate heavy turning maneuvers at the intersection of Allgood Road and Fairground Street and to take advantage of the existing four-lane cross section
  • Dual eastbound and westbound left-turn lanes and a separate northbound right turn lane at South Marietta Parkway (SR 120)
  • Access management with median construction between South Marietta Parkway (SR 120) and North Marietta Parkway (SR 120 Alt) as well as Morningside Drive and Hyde Drive
  • Constructing a portion of the Kennesaw Mountain to Chattahoochee River Multi-Use Trail along Fairground Street south of South Marietta Parkway (SR 120)
  • Implementing protected left-turn only signal phasing for northbound and southbound traffic at North Marietta Parkway (SR 120 Alt)
  • Constructing an eight (8) foot sidewalk along the entire corridor and making pedestrian facilities ADA compliant
  • Signal improvements at both North and South Marietta Parkway at Fairground Street intersections