The Ridgewalk Parkway Interchange provides improved access and congestion relief between Interstate 575 and the City of Woodstock. The project included a new diamond interchange on I-575 between the existing Towne Lake Parkway and Sixes Road exits. Along with the interchange design, a 1.5 mile auxiliary/passing lane was added for southbound vehicles, and to connect the newly constructed Ridgewalk Parkway with Towne Lake Parkway, thus providing traffic relief during the morning commute.

 Services included:

  • Prepared and obtained approval of the Interchange Justification Report for the new interchange and auxiliary lanes. The IJR required an Alternative Analysis which evaluated over 20 alternatives and required extensive negotiation with FHWA.
  • Completed the NEPA environmental process and obtained the approved Environmental Assessment from FHWA and GDOT with the result of a Finding of No Significant Impact for the project. Environmental concerns included noise abatement, endangered species habitat, wetlands and stream buffers.
  • Right-of-Way Plan Preparation
  • Land Acquisition Services
  • Concept Development and Concept Report approval
  • Preparation of Costing Plans meeting GDOT Design/Build Requirements