The I-75 @ Third Army Road Interchange project will add a new interchange to I-75 just north of Lake Allatoona between the Glade Road and Old Allatoona Road interchanges and add a direct connection to US-41. This new interchange and connection to US-41 will improve access to I-75 and reduce congestion in the surrounding area.

Croy Engineering is under contract with Cobb County DOT to prepare concept level mapping and survey, complete the necessary NEPA environmental processes to obtain an approved Environmental Assessment Document, and prepare a Project Concept Report for approval by GDOT.

  • Survey: Croy provided a complete survey database utilizing conventional field survey crews along with Aerial Photogrammetric mapping. A complete control package was also prepared following GDOT standards and procedures.
  • Environmental: The proposed project, located in three counties – Bartow, Cobb and Paulding, will necessitate extensive public involvement and coordination with the local authorities and citizens. The stakeholder feedback generated from the public involvement will help establish the footprint of the Environmental Document and is a vital component of the NEPA process. To date, an initial PIOH has been held with feedback incorporated into the project.
  • Design: Following the approved IJR and stakeholder feedback, numerous concept designs have been put up for consideration. These alternates are being vetted to minimize impacts to the surrounding area, reduce construction costs and ensure the overall goals of the project are met. Once a consensus is reached, a detailed project concept report will be prepared for approval by Cobb County DOT, FHWA, and GDOT.