Croy Engineering provides on-call engineering services for Troup County under a five-year contract for Capital Improvements to the LaGrange-Callaway Airport. Following the firm’s selection in 2016, Croy was tasked with the completion of an ongoing Runway Extension design project that was behind schedule and over budget. At just 30% complete, the final design had to be finished by April 2017 in order to secure both state and AIP funding. In addition, the latest construction cost estimate was for over $9 million, twice the available funding for the project.

Croy assisted the airport with the acquisition of all related data and materials relevant to the project, review and value-engineering of the existing design, and completion of the design plans for bidding and construction. Construction plans were completed in April 2017, meeting a very aggressive schedule, and were bid in June 2017. The project was value-engineered such that the awarded contract realized a project savings of approximately $5 million.

The project consists of a 900-foot runway and parallel taxiway extension, narrowing and rehabilitation of the existing Runway 13-31 pavement from 150 feet to 100 feet, as well as a lighting rehabilitation with an alternate bid for LED fixtures. Croy is also providing the environmental permitting for this project, which includes the relocation of two active streams, and the preparation of localizer relocation plans.