Energy Consulting Group engaged the services of Croy Engineering to perform due diligence, design, survey and mapping of the water supply and wastewater treatment and effluent disposal components of a proposed 850 MW coal-fired electrical generating plant in Washington County, Georgia. The cooling water suppy of up to 18 million gallons per day will be withdrawn from the Oconnee River and carried through approxiamlety 30 miles of 30-inch DIP to the generating plant site. Additionally, 17 supplementary water supply wells will be tied to the supply water main. Treated wastewater effluent will be returned to the Oconnee River through a 24-inch line parallel to the water supply main.

Surveying services included:

  • Boundary and topographic surveying of the plant site
  • Aerial photography of the plant site and pipeline corridor alternatives
  • Conducting field surveys for booster pump stations, well sites, and the water intake structure and wastewater outfall locations

Engineering services included:

  • Pipeline route selection
  • Raw water storage reservoir sizing
  • Hydraulic modeling of the water supply and wastewater outfall pipelines
  • Evaluation and recommendations for pipe materials
  • Water and wastewater facility conceptual layout plans