Rock Quarry Road is a heavily traveled corridor that connects SR 42 to Eagle’s Landing Parkway in Henry County. The south end of the corridor consists of commercial businesses and a regional hospital. Proceeding north, most of the land use is residential until approaching the Norfolk Southern railroad and numerous quarries, which generates significant truck traffic. From there commercial businesses and some residential properties front the corridor until it intersects SR 42 on the north end.

In order to increase the capacity, reduce congestion, and improve mobility along the corridor, Croy Engineering collaborated with Henry County to produce a concept plan that will widen Rock Quarry Road to four travel lanes with a 20’ raised median. This project was originated by Henry County and is being designed, following the PDP, in conjunction with GDOT.

Key components of this project include:

  • Correction of geometric deficiencies to improve intersection and stopping sight distance
  • 8’ multi-use path on the east side of the new roadway and a 5’ sidewalk on the west side
  • Managing the project through GDOT’s plan development process
  • Environmental studies
  • Extensive public involvement