Under an On-Call Contract, Croy Engineering was assigned retiming of four corridors in and around Spartanburg, SC, containing a total of 47 intersections. Three of the four corridors are under the responsibility of the City of Spartanburg while the other is operated and maintained by SCDOT District 3. One of the Spartanburg corridors was actually three intersecting roadways, one of which had a single point interchange with I-26. Local funding for the project was provided by SPATS. 

Key project components included:

  • For data collection, Croy specified the traffic count locations, types, and durations. SCDOT obtained the count data through an on-call contract.
  • A minimum of six before travel time runs were performed during each weekday and weekend time period for which a timing plan was to be developed. This data was used as the baseline for measuring improvements.
  • Updated Synchro files with new counts
  • Revised timings were developed and reviewed, and the new timings were deployed.
  • Croy signal engineers performed field observations and recommended further refinement of the timing parameters.
  • After completion of the after travel time runs, the project information and final timing plans were compiled and submitted in a final report.