ASHE National Project of the Year – Under $20 Million

ACEC Engineering Excellence State and National Award Winner

The Skip Spann Connector is a new connector roadway over I-75 between Frey Road and Busbee Drive just north of the Chastain Road Interchange. The Connector continues on to Townpark Lane, providing a direct access between Kennesaw State University and the Town Park retail and business center. In addition, an independent on-ramp to I-75 North at Chastain Road was included from Busbee Drive and an independent off-ramp from I-75 South was provided in order to connect directly onto Frey Road without merging into traffic on Chastain Road. The addition of this east-west corridor significantly reduces traffic on Chastain Road at the I-75 Interchange and provides improved access to the two parking decks with over 3,500 spaces whose entrances are on Frey Road.

 Key components of the project included:

  • Feasibility Study and approved GDOT Concept Report
  • Complete Survey Database using both Field Operations and Aerial Photogrammetric Mapping
  • Approved Categorical Exclusion following NEPA environmental guideline
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Signal Design and Intersection Layout
  • Roundabout Analysis and Design
  • Preliminary Engineering including horizontal alignment and vertical profile development
  • Right of Way Plans
  • Land Acquisition Services
  • Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plans meeting NPDES requirements
  • Final Design including final construction plans with quantities for bidding