To improve traffic flow, reduce congestion, better respond to incident management, and enhance air quality, the City of Smyrna is upgrading the ability to communicate with their 52 existing traffic signals to a centralized command and control system, and implement a traffic control center (TCC). In addition, Smyrna will utilize resources more efficiently by investigating signal complaints from the TCC before dispatching signal technicians. The overall project was comprised of several components that included an inventory of existing infrastructure; development of a system architecture derived from an established base line of existing systems; detailed design; cost estimating; and deployment.

The project scope consisted of the following:

  • Establishing a centralized signal control system (TACTICS) for 52 signals and integration of CCTV and local intersection fixed video detection. The communications backbone consists primarily of fiber optic cable and an IP based communications protocol. Existing fiber systems were either supplemented or replaced with additional fiber to complete the system communication backbone.
  • CCTV cameras were designed and installed at strategic locations throughout the City to enable viewing of major intersections and large segments of the arterials system. Local intersection IVDS (Video Detection Systems) can be ported through the communications system, enabling remote programming and monitoring.
  • Project integration included installation of the TACTICS software, uploading and configuration of the system database, ITS software configuration and CCTV integration and training for installed systems.
  • Integrating Police, Fire, IT, City Hall, Public Works, and GDOT
  • Designing TCC; server, monitors, and additional equipment
  • Bidding, selection, and awarding the project for construction