South Cobb Drive/SR 280 serves as an important regional corridor and provides connectivity between the major east-west roadways of Windy Hill and Concord Roads. Although it serves as primarily a transportation corridor, there are also a variety of commercial options for local citizens and commuters. This particular roadway section has the potential to be transformed into a dynamic corridor with a viable mixture of retail, residential, and office use while still maintaining its traditional transportation function.

The City of Smyrna collaborated with GDOT and other governmental partners for a study to develop alternative improvements. The primary objective was to create concepts for South Cobb Drive that provide safe and efficient travel options for all users.

The efforts for the study included:

  • Reviewing existing traffic operations and quantifying impacts of the alternative improvements on mobility
  • Analyzing crash records to develop safety enhancements focusing particularly on pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Conducting extensive public engagement activities and stakeholder interviews
  • Exploring opportunities to enhance transit service
  • Promoting bicycle and pedestrian use
  • Developing alternative concepts with cost estimates
  • Identifying areas along the corridor that would be candidates for economic development and redevelopment
  • Preparing streetscape plans to enhance the aesthetics along the corridor while creating a sense of place