Paulding County designated the Pumpkinvine Creek drainage area service boundary to be an Urban Water Reuse district, and several residential subdivisions have been developed in this area with Reuse Water infrastructure installed. Croy Engineering developed construction plans for a Reuse Water Booster Pump Station at the Pumpkinvine Water Reclamation Facility (WRF). This project consisted of:

  • Augmentation of the Master Reuse Water Model to model the Phase One coverage area of the Pumpkinvine Creek Reuse Water Area
  • Development of a design report for the Phase One booster pump station layout submitted to the Water System;
  • Development of construction plans for piping layout for EPD approval, consisting of:
    • A 20-ft x 20-ft x 20-ft poured in place concrete wet-well
    • A 20” diameter tie-in to the WRF discharge piping;
    • A 20” diameter discharge pipe and pump station header system
    • 1,200 linear-feet of discharge piping and force main tie-in at the WRF entrance
    • 1,100 linear feet of 12” diameter reuse water supply piping within the WRF for future expansion of the booster pump station
  • Bidding assistance, Construction Administration and Observation
  • Coordination with EPD/GEFA for ARRA and GEFA requirements
  • Preparation of an Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Manual
  • Station Start-up and one-year follow-up visit