WellStar Health System, Inc. (WellStar) was constructing a hospital on US 278/SR 6/SR 120 in Paulding County and contracted with Croy Engineering to secure a traffic signal for access and traffic flow to and from the new facility. Previously Croy facilitated obtaining the approval for and construction of a median break. The following services were provided:

  • To perform a traffic signal warrant analysis, daily bi-directional and 12-hour turning movement traffic counts were collected to quantify existing conditions. Because primary volume warrants had to be met over an 8-hour period, daily traffic accessing data from a similar facility had to be obtained and then calculations performed to apply entering and exiting rates to the Hospital. The analysis, which indicated warrants were met, was reviewed and approved by Paulding County DOT and GDOT and a traffic signal permit was issued.
  • Designed the installation of the traffic signal equipment.