The project consisted of widening approximately 2.7 miles of Bill Carruth Parkway from north of Norfolk Southern Railroad to State Route 92 (SR 92)/Hiram-Douglasville Highway in Paulding County. The existing two-lane roadway was widened to four 11-foot lanes, two in each direction, with a 20-foot raised median and 12-foot rural shoulders, six of which are paved. These wider, paved shoulders allow for improved bicycle access along the corridor. The project widened the existing two lane bridge over Norfolk Southern Railroad to a four lane divided section.

  • Land acquisition services for 33 parcels, including one relocation
  • Complete survey database
  • GEPA documentation
  • Traffic analysis
  • Signal design modifications including intersection modifications
  • Preliminary design including horizontal alignment and vertical profiles modifications
  • Waterline relocation design
  • Right-of-Way plans
  • Erosion and sedimentation control plans meeting NPDES requirements
  • Final design including final construction plans with quantities for bidding