As part of their development of the Richland Creek Reservoir project, and as an expansion of their internal water system, The Paulding County Water System contracted with GARNEY Construction to develop an increased capacity site at their existing Macland Road facility for present and future water storage capacity.

Garney Construction was the primary contractor for this project and worked as a team with Croy Engineering to oversee the proposed development of the first phase of the Macland Road site development.

Key components and services for this project include:

  • Acquisition of additional site area via the purchase of undeveloped residential lots to the northwest of the existing Macland Road site
  • Establishing a new entrance roadway for present and future access to the tank site(s) and operations maintenance yard
  • Establishing a uniformly graded area large enough to house two 500,000 gallon tanks and one one-million gallon tank
  • Installation of an initial 500,000 gallon ground storage potable water concrete tank, with associated potable water supply infrastructure capable of handling future flow to the site
  • Installation of supporting stormwater and stormwater control systems, including stormwater detention and control ponding