Cairo-Grady County Airport

New Airport Terminal Building Completed

For more than 10 years, Croy has served as the aviation design consultant for the Cairo-Grady County Airport. Through the years, our team has supported the airport with a number of projects, including the airport’s Parallel Taxiway Extension and new Aviation Gass Fuel Facility. The next phase beginning in mid-2023, construction of a Seal-Coat, Crack Seal, and Remarking project will occur for the airfield, apron, and hangar taxiways.

In summer of 2023, the airport completed its New Airport Terminal Building. For this project, our team efficiently provided the design-build package for the airport to quickly move forward with the bid process and select a qualified contractor to begin construction. Our team expects to utilize grant funding to design a new parking area, as well as additional improvements surrounding the building to complete the next phase of this project.

Project Details


City of Cairo, Georgia

Project Highlights

  • Received grant funding for project completion
  • Delivered efficiently for expedited bid process
  • Installed seal-coat, crack seal, and remarking to help extend the life of the asphalt

Capabilities Provided


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