Fayette County Corridor Studies

Four Corridors Studied Simultaneously Leads to Recommendations for Increased Mobility and Safety

A recommendation from the Fayette County Comprehensive Transportation Plan was to conduct an in-depth analysis of critical corridors that provide local access and regional connectivity. Four corridors identified for study were Sandy Creek Road, Tyrone Road-Palmetto Road, Banks Road, and State Route 279. Croy was hired to conduct a holistic planning process that increased safety, provided solutions for congestion and delay, identified prospects for multi-modal uses, and created sustainable infrastructure improvements.

A Road Safety Assessment (RSA) was also conducted to examine crash locations, points of congestion, roadway geometry, as well as any other issues identified during the engagement process. The RSA included observation of the corridor and intersections on foot and via a windshield survey. In addition, the team examined crash data and public input responses to help identify safety issues or concerns. The field observations and supplemental data was used to identify roadway countermeasures to help improve traffic safety.

With the existing conditions information, the first Public Information Open House (PIOH) was held with nearly 200 citizens attending. Information was obtained on areas of concerns and potential improvements. From this public input, concept alternatives were developed and a second PIOH was held to gauge the support for the projects. From the second PIOH citizen input, Croy evaluated the data and developed a prioritization of alternative improvements.

Project Details


Fayette County, Georgia

Project Highlights

  • Four corridors studied simultaneously
  • Extensive public outreach and engagement efforts
  • Approved and accepted by the Board of Commissioners

Capabilities Provided

PlanningTraffic MobilityTransportation

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