GreyStone Power’s Corporate Headquarters

Development of 55-Acre Site Leads to New Corporate Headquarters Campus

GreyStone Power, a provider of electricity to 131, 000 customers in eight counties, relocated its headquarters to a new corporate campus in Paulding County, Ga. While the entire site is approximately 200 acres, the new development disturbs 55 acres. The headquarters’ campus includes a new building for offices, warehouse, operations, and fleet maintenance, as well as storage yards for utility poles, transformers, and other electrical equipment. Croy was selected as a part of the team to perform the site engineering and development, including all layout concepts, utilities, stormwater management, along with water and sewer designs.

This project also involved an extensive traffic engineering effort. The layout of the site was designed for customers and office personnel to enter at the signalized intersection on State Route 92 at Pine Valley Road, while all construction, maintenance, and delivery vehicles to enter at a new driveway on Ridge Road. Due to the size of vehicles and trailers transporting utility poles,  installation of a new traffic signal at this Ridge Road intersection was requested to access the facility safely. A preliminary analysis of site-generated trips indicated that these would not be great enough to satisfy volume warrants for a signal. However, Paulding County indicated that Ridge Road was being considered for a commercial node at SR 92. Croy was assigned to identify potential land uses for tracts of property, estimate the generated trips, and under these development scenarios determine if a signal was warranted.

The initial effort was to determine the configuration and size of parcels that could be combined for commercial, retail, and office developments. Knowing the parcels’ acreage, commercial nodes of similar size were located. For these existing developments, building sizes and uses were identified. These buildings were then overlaid on the Ridge Road tracts, and adjusted for stormwater detention, building setbacks, locations of driveways, and sufficient parking, as well as out parcels.

With the anticipated increase in traffic to the area, improvements to Ridge Road were conceptualized. Results of the analysis indicated that signal warrants would be met. With this evaluation, the County approved a new traffic signal at the GreyStone Power driveway on Ridge Road.

Project Details


Paulding County, Georgia

Project Highlights

  • 55-acre site development
  • Corporate headquarters campus
  • New signal added to accommodate increased traffic

Capabilities Provided

Municipal UtilitiesPlanningSite DevelopmentTraffic Mobility

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