KSU Transit Feasibility Study

Action Plan Developed to Address Limited Mobility and Parking Concerns on University Campus

With more buildings being added to satisfy increasing student levels at Kennesaw State University (KSU), parking locations had to be re-developed. With approximately 85 percent of the student body being commuters, the loss of on-campus parking necessitated that KSU evaluate alternative approaches to providing accessibility to and circulation around the campus.

Initially, a campus shuttle was put into limited service to address a portion of the mobility needs. With the shuttle service providing some travel relief, the decision was made to study the implementation of an expanded service. The Transit Feasibility Study’s primary objective was to develop an Action Plan for the shuttle components necessary to help address campus travel issues at five-year and ten-year horizons.

The travel patterns and parking needs are quite different for faculty, staff, commuter student, residential student, or visitor. The representatives of the Steering Committee were helpful in establishing operating criteria to address their group’s specific travel requirements. A Stakeholders Committee was formed to represent the non-university interests in the affected regional activity center. Interactions with these groups helped establish coordinated plans for interfacing with local and regional transit systems and understanding changing land development patterns that can influence future shuttle routes.

With the committees’ input, a series of potential routes were developed to address the shuttle connectivity to the expanding campus, off-site student housing, and creation of remote parking lots. These routes took advantage of construction of new roadways near the campus. Included with the routes were estimates of travel time and projected number of vehicles needed to maintain desired headways; operating costs were projected to meet the anticipated levels of service. With this data, the Action Plans were prepared for eventual implementation by KSU.

Project Details


Kennesaw, Georgia

Project Highlights

  • Evaluated travel patters and parking needs
  • Developed action plan to address campus mobility issues
  • Proposed potential routes for shuttle connectivity

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