North West Utility District Water Modeling

System Analysis Helps Plan for Future Developments

Croy is working with North West Utility District (NWUD) to update its water model using the current GIS database, plan for future developments, and expand the model to match newer areas of the water system.

Croy’s team members worked with NWUD staff to perform a hydrant testing workshop for hydrant tests to use for its GIS system. The testing services were performed using forms specifically made for NWUD. The forms allowed staff to collect organized data for the calibration and development of the water model.

Croy staff also collected past SCADA information from NWUD to determine pump station run-times and tank operation information. Our team then used newer as-builts for model calibration. Based on the updated model, Croy analyzed the system to determine the need for a future tank, booster station, or if neither was required for future development in different pressure zones.

Croy is currently working with NWUD to review and design multiple water line extensions to allow residents to connect to the system. The calibrated water model is used to determine pipe sizes for flows and pressures.

Project Details


Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee

Project Highlights

  • Water model update and expansion
  • Conducted hydrant testing workshop
  • System analysis helps determine current and future needs

Capabilities Provided

Municipal Utilities

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