Northwest Corridor Alternatives Analysis

Multi-Modal Options Evaluated with Input from Extensive Public Involvement Plan

For a number of years, comprehensive transportation plans in the Northwest Corridor of Atlanta have identified the need for a high capacity transit system along I-75/US 41. To continue the planning process toward implementing a system, Cobb County Department of Transportation (DOT) applied for, and was awarded, a grant from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to perform an Alternatives Analysis (AA) Study to evaluate various modes and develop a Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA).

As the Program Manager, Croy’s primary role was serving as the liaison to manage, administer, and coordinate the work effort of the consulting firms conducting the diverse components of the study. In addition, Croy developed and implemented the Project Management Plan (PMP), which detailed, among other things: how communication would flow during the study; the project milestones; and the schedule for meetings and expected deliverables. Croy had significant input into the Public Involvement Plan (PIP), as well as input into and review of the telephone poll survey that was part of this plan.

An AA Study of this magnitude impacts a large number of governmental agencies, institutions, business and property owners, as well as citizens that live, work, and travel in the Northwest Corridor. Croy had the responsibility of coordinating all communication activities between Cobb County, the AA Study team, and these affected groups. Croy facilitated the meetings at which each of these diverse interests were presented and participated in public presentations to the Board of Commissioners. This involved 52 separate outreach activities.

Project Details


Cobb County, Georgia

Project Highlights

  • Grant-funded project
  • Extensive public involvement, including 52 separate outreach activities
  • $492 million Connect Cobb BRT project developed from results of this effort

Capabilities Provided


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