Northwinds Parkway

Roadway Extension Brings Multi-Modal Transportation and Streetscaping Upgrades

The Northwinds Parkway project extends Northwinds Parkway from its previous terminus at its intersection with Kimball Bridge Road to Old Milton Parkway. The typical section of the road consists of four 11-foot lanes with 3-foot bike lanes and a 20-foot raised median. The typical section features a 6-foot sidewalk on the west side and a 12-foot shared-use path on the east side. In addition, the project involved the installation of a new signal at the intersection of Kimball Bridge Road and Northwinds Parkway with extensive landscaping throughout.

As a part of the concept and preliminary design process, a roundabout feasibility study was performed at the intersection of Kimball Bridge Road and Northwinds Parkway. Using GDOT design tools and guidelines, our Croy team  analyzed the intersection for both a single-lane and multi-lane roundabout. Because of this study, it was determined that a new roundabout would function at an undesirable level of service and would not be feasible at this location. Instead, a traditional signalized intersection was included in the final design.

Project Details


Alpharetta, Georgia

Project Highlights

  • Roadway extension in North Fulton
  • Features sidewalk and shared-use trail to promote walkability
  • Roundabout feasibility study performed

Capabilities Provided

Landscape ArchitectureParks & RecTraffic MobilityTransportation

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