Roswell Street Roundabout

Award-Winning, Innovative Design Reduces Traffic and Increases Safety

The Roswell Street roundabout features an innovative five-legged roundabout design concept at the intersection of Roswell Street, Hawthorn Avenue, and Mathews Street in the City of Smyrna, Ga.

The new roundabout, which opened to the public in the summer of 2020, replaced an existing six-legged, signalized intersection that had difficult vehicle travel paths, long cycle times, and limited pedestrian accessibility. Croy’s five-legged roundabout design removed the signal, realigned the eastern Hawthorn Avenue leg away from the intersection, and provided enhanced pedestrian features. These improvements resulted in successfully reducing the traffic back-up during peak hours, decreasing the number of accidents, and improving aesthetics of the intersection.

In addition, truck-specific signage encourages truck drivers to make one full circle of the roundabout to easily maneuver the sharpest right turns – therefore better accommodating the larger commercial vehicles that travel the intersection. This approach also led to the installation of a roundabout with a much smaller footprint than is typically required of one with as many approaches, which helped to minimalize impacts to local businesses and residents, as well as save on construction costs.

The project was named the 2020 Georgia Partnership for Transportation Quality (GPTQ) Preconstruction Design Award winner for the “Traffic Safety and/or Intersection Design” category by GDOT and ACEC Georgia.

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Smyrna, Georgia

Project Highlights

  • Award-winning
  • Innovative design
  • Increased mobility and safety

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