SR 92 at
Hampton Road Signal Analysis

Evaluation Finds Roundabout the Best Alternative to Improve Traffic Flow

This project involved the comparative analysis and evaluation of potential intersection improvements at the off-set State Route 92 (SR 92) and Hampton Road intersections in Fayette County. The current design of the north and south intersections results in long queues and significant delays because motorists must turn right and then left to proceed on Hampton Road. In addition, the surrounding properties, some historic, impact improvements at the existing intersections’ location.

Our Croy team conducted an Intersection Control Evaluation (ICE) and roundabout feasibility study to determine the best design alternative for the intersection improvement. The ICE analysis considers several factors, including existing conditions, crash history, project costs, traffic operations, safety improvements, environmental impacts, and political factors per alternative and ranks each respectively.

A review of the existing conditions was also conducted to quantify existing parameters at the location, including traffic operations, crash records, and a high-level environmental screening. Based on the findings of the existing conditions analysis, coupled with coordination from Fayette County and City of Woolsey officials, four alternatives were identified to analyze in more detail. A growth rate analysis and traffic forecasting were completed to quantify traffic operations for the future “No Build” and “Build” conditions for each of the alternatives. All factors were evaluated in a comparative matrix to select the preferred alternative for traffic control at the intersection.

The preferred alternative, which includes a single roundabout and a signalized R-CUT, has advanced to the preliminary engineering design phase, which Croy is completing.

Project Details


Fayette County, Georgia

Project Highlights

  • Intersection Control Evaluation and Roundabout Feasibility studies conducted to find alternative
  • Final concept includes roundabout and signalized R-CUT
  • Project is now in preliminary engineering design phase

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Traffic MobilityTransportation

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