Town Center CID Asset Management Plan

Assessment and Database Provide Framework for Maintenance and Expansion

Since its inception, the Town Center Community Improvement District (Town Center CID) has deployed a variety of assets that contribute to the unique character of this metro Atlanta area. The amount and types of these physical elements have grown over the years and require periodic expansion, maintenance, and upgrades.

To enumerate the expansive number of assets and their condition, Croy was assigned the task of developing an asset management program. The assets included in the program were streetlights and poles, traffic signal equipment, transit stops, crosswalks, pocket parks, and streetscape treatments. The initial task involved data collection. Every asset was identified and photographed; its location determined; appropriate measurements taken; and its condition assessed. After the assets were inventoried, a database was created for organizing the information. The data was compiled in an Excel format and then utilized to create a GIS geodatabase, which included shapefiles. Static maps, as well as an interactive story map, were also created.

A Final Report was then compiled with this information. This comprehensive data gives Town Center CID the tools to identify opportunities to expand these assets and program funding for their maintenance or upgrades.

Project Details


Cobb County, Georgia

Project Highlights

  • Guide for asset and program funding expansion
  • Includes a GIS geodatabase created with shapefiles
  • Interactive storymap and final report developed for CID

Capabilities Provided


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