Town of Jasper Utility Projects

Several Projects Accomplish Community Water and Sewer Goals

Over the past several years, Croy has served as the sole engineer for the Town of Jasper for water and sewer projects, as well as many other local projects. These efforts include sewer treatment plant upgrades, flow monitoring, water modeling, biosolids classification and removal, smoke testing, plan reviews, survey, permitting, and other on-call engineering services.

Jasper City Tank Improvements
Being the largest tank within the Jasper system, its success is essential to the community as it feeds to most of the town’s water system. Croy performed the inspection services on this 1,000,000-gallon ground storage tank and provided recommendations for improvements. Our recommendations included blasting the interior coating of the tank and reapplying a new coating to provide another 15- to 20-year lifespan. Other recommendations included a new exterior paint coating and additional safety items. Now fully operational, Croy’s team also performed the inspection services, provided recommendations, assisted in bidding the project, and completed construction administration services and inspections.

Jasper Sewer Treatment Plant Upgrades
After several NPDES discharge permit violations during heavy rain events, it was determined that the Jasper Sewer Treatment Plant (STP) was in dire need of upgrades. Croy’s team responded by providing Jasper with a Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) to minimize the violations by providing a 1-MG ground storage tank of equalization, replacing the existing aerators, and building a new chlorine contact basin. From the PER, Croy’s team adhered to TDEC’s required Corrective Action Plan to eliminate violations. Croy also utilized the PER to submit for federal funding. As a result, Jasper was awarded $500,000 in funding from the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC).

Croy completed the survey, design, and permitting of the STP. Additionally, Croy continues to work on the project as it is currently in progress. Once completed, Croy plans to complete construction administration and inspection services.

Jasper Flow Monitoring
As part of Jasper’s Corrective Action Plan, Croy assisted Jasper with putting out an RFQ for flow monitoring equipment to better understand their source of Infiltration and Inflow (I&I). Our Croy team reviewed all RFQs and helped choose the best equipment for their needs. Using the flow monitoring data, we completed a review of the data isolating areas of increased I&I. Croy utilized the surveying services to perform smoke testing in areas of increase I&I, where multiple points in their system were identified as problems. Through the flow monitoring review and smoke testing process, our Croy team was able to help eliminate approximately 100,000 gallons per day of I&I.

Jasper Water Modeling
In anticipation of multiple new residential developments, Croy was requested to review the Jasper Water System and provide options for supplying water services to new developments. In doing so, Croy collected as-built data of all water systems within the system including the water treatment plant, tanks, booster pumps, and water mains. After incorporating the data into the created model, Croy performed field verification tests to determine if the model and in-field situations aligned. Using the calibrated model, Croy added the proposed residential developments using anticipated water demands to determine necessary tanks, booster, and other infrastructure needs.

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Town of Jasper, Tennessee

Project Highlights

  • Prepared Corrective Action Plan
  • Removed infiltration and inflow within sewer system
  • Increased reliability of water system

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