Windy Hill Road and Terrell Mill Road Connector

Expedited right-of-way acquisition enabled new roadway connection

Our right-of-way acquisition team overcame several challenges to help make this proposed .80-mile, limited-access, four-lane thoroughfare connecting Windy Hill Road and Terrell Mill Road a reality. When the let date for construction was moved forward nine months from the initial timeline, our team partnered with Cobb County DOT to meet the challenging new schedule with success. This involved the relocation of 107 residents from 45 condominiums and seven apartment buildings, including 62 apartment tenants, in record-time – less than four months. Our agents were also able to locate suitable replacement housing for all affected families within their existing school districts.

Clear, convenient communication was also important throughout the process. To address this, a dedicated email “hotline” was established for those who were being displaced to contact our Croy staff for quick responses. Plus, our agents coordinated with owners and tenants for evening and weekend meetings to accommodate busy working schedules, and generated “Fact Sheets” to better inform those impacted by the project of its purpose and schedule.

Project Details


Cobb County, Georgia

Project Highlights

  • Expedited delivery
  • Record-time relocations in existing school districts
  • Clear, convenient communication channels

Capabilities Provided

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