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Paige Benson (left) and Kristen Jolley (right) enjoy leading girls through the “Traffic Scrambler” game.

On Saturday, April 15, 2023, Croy participated in the annual Introduce a Girl to Engineering event hosted by the American Council of Engineering Companies of Georgia (ACEC Georgia) at Kennesaw State University’s Marietta Campus. Each year, ACEC Georgia hosts this half-day program designed to introduce upper-elementary and middle school-age girls to engineering through fun projects and activities. This year, Croy team members Lynn Wiggington, Sasha Ugi, Kristen Jolley, Paige Benson, and Luci Hogue led the girls in Croy’s “Traffic Scrambler” game. This game challenged the girls to unscramble the “cars” (boxes) stuck in “Atlanta’s traffic,” giving a glimpse of how our engineers creatively problem-solve on a daily basis.

Founded in 2005, Croy is a 120-person, award-winning, full-service consulting firm with locations in Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. With experience on projects across the Southeast, Croy leverages its strong local presence and deep community ties to offer a range of services, including aviation, environmental, land and right-of-way acquisition, landscape architecture, planning, site development, surveying, transportation, traffic, and municipal engineering, to local and national clients.