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As part of Croy’s internal training program, our team members and summer interns had the opportunity to choose between two of our project sites to visit. The more than 20 participants gained valuable hands-on experience and discussed different facets of Croy’s capabilities, such as civil engineering, construction management/inspection and general surveying field procedures.

Construction Inspection for the South Barrett Reliever – Kennesaw, GA

Led by Construction Inspector, Tony Wilson, the group visited the construction site of the South Barrett Reliever. Croy assisted Town Center Community with initial concept development for the project, which will include a four-lane bridge with sidewalks and lead into a roundabout on the east side of the bridge. Participants learned about overseeing a project’s progress from start to finish and ensuring it aligns with initial plans. They saw the construction of the bridge deck, the MSE walls and barriers, the placement of the pre-stressed concrete beams, and the different safety measures used during construction. “This was the first construction site I’ve ever been to, and it was cool to not only see the bridge deck, but also walk on it,” said summer intern Laura Jin. “The magnitude of this project is absolutely astounding, and I cannot wait to see it complete next spring!”

General Surveying Field Procedures for the Kennesaw State University District – Kennesaw, GA

Visiting one of Croy’s past ALTA survey jobs, the group ventured to the Kennesaw State University District. Director of Survey Field Operations, Desmond Johnson, and Survey Crew Chief, Tyler Holt, showed an example setup process for survey equipment. Participants gained an understanding of how the equipment uses satellite information to collect data, and how much time it takes to get an accurate measurement. They also learned about shooting odd features, collecting topographic data in wetland areas, and navigating around obstacles encountered in the field. “I think everyone walked away with a better understanding of the ‘ins and outs’ of the survey team’s day-to-day activities,” said Land Surveying CAD Technician Joe Black. “Desmond and Tyler did a great job showing all the hard work that is put into accomplishing a survey from start to finish.”

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