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When Jim Croy founded our team at Croy Engineering in 2005, it was a small engineering firm with less than 20 employees. Since then, Croy has grown by recruiting incredibly talented professionals committed to delivering projects that improve our communities. Today, Croy has grown to more than 120 employees and has expanded into three states. We now have offices in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Huntsville, Alabama and our headquarters have always been right here in Marietta.

Through the lessons I’ve learned throughout my career, I believe that the best investments our company can make is in the growth and development of our employees and communities.

When it comes to investing in our employees, I have found that empowering talented leaders and trusting them to lead their teams has fostered increased creativity and better results for our company. One of Croy’s “secret weapons” to engaging our employees and immersing our company into the fabric of the communities we serve is through joining the local chamber of commerce.

As a company and as individuals, we’re committed to improving our community. This objective is at the heart of every project we pursue and every hire we make. We encourage our employees to build relationships, develop their skills, and follow their passions. Croy uses our Cobb Chamber membership to achieve each of these goals. Our investment in the Chamber fuels its mission to drive economic growth and opportunities for all businesses and provide pro-business advocacy. For us, investing in the Chamber is also an investment in making Cobb the best place to do business in Georgia. And, in turn, Croy’s membership to the Cobb Chamber has steadily fostered our company’s growth.

One of the key ways that we leverage our membership is by using the Cobb Chamber as a professional development tool, matching employees to the best Chamber programs suited to their needs, strengths, and talents. Programs like Cobb Young Professionals, Leadership Cobb, Honorary Commanders, Cobb Youth Leadership, and Cobb Executive Women give our employees the opportunity for a leadership role outside of the company. This type of professional development is important to the success of our company. We have found that when we encourage employees to learn new skills and take advantage of the Chamber’s programs, our employees stay with our organization longer, and they are actively engaged in not only Croy’s success, but in our community’s success.

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