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The National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) recognized thirteen talented professionals (including Scott McNally, PE, Croy’s Engineering Services-GA Department Manager), who recently completed the Society’s 2024 Emerging Leaders Program. According to NSPE, the diverse group of young professionals was selected from around the country to take part in an intensive, unique enterprise designed to equip them as leaders in the engineering field. NSPE shared that the participants received leadership training provided by CrossGroup and mastered topics including ownership, team development, communication skills, giving and receiving feedback, and presentation skills. They also enjoyed networking opportunities with peers and national NSPE leaders.

With nine years of experience in project management and site design on projects ranging from recreational and residential developments to roads and roundabouts, Scott works with Croy’s municipal and private sector clients across Georgia to deliver project designs efficiently and effectively. He believes that good leadership involves bringing a team together and motivating them to achieve common goals, while great leadership inspires people to perform at their highest capacity.

Interested in learning more about the program? Click here to read NSPE’s press release.