Croy Engineering’s Planning Services Include:
  • Aviation Planning
  • Community Planning
  • Government Analysis
  • Environmental Analysis
  • LCI Studies
  • Public Involvement
  • Recreational Master Planning
  • Rezoning
  • Transit Planning
  • Transportation and Traffic Planning

Our team’s process is focused on one goal: building your project. Our plans will maximize mobility and land use, as well as minimize infrastructure costs, utility interference, and environmental impacts. This approach results in actionable steps that will move your project from concept to completion. 

Thorough and citizen-engaged planning is a multi-step process for effectuating change through investment in transportation projects. It is extremely gratifying to help navigate clients through these phases and advance a project that maximizes the benefits identified through a robust planning process. <a href="/team/daniel-b-dobry-jr-p-e-ptoe-aicp/">Dan Dobry, AICP, P.E., PTOE</a> Dan Dobry, AICP, P.E., PTOE Traffic Engineering & Operations/Planning Division Manager