Croy’s Land Acquisition services include:
  • Acquisition Management Services
  • Relocation Assistance
  • All Types of Easements
  • Right-of-Way
  • Total or Partial Acquisitions
  • Encroachment Agreements

Croy Engineering’s Land Acquisition Services group has a combined total of almost 150 years of experience in acquisition procedures for a number of jurisdictions and businesses, including Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT), local counties and municipalities, and utility companies. The firm has broad experience in federal, state and local requirements and procedures for acquisition of right-of-way and other properties.

Croy personnel have extensive knowledge of federal regulations that govern land acquisition, relocation requirements, and public coordination. Our staff understands the importance of careful documentation during the acquisition process, working diligently and thoroughly to make sure that both the client and the property owners are satisfied to the fullest extent possible.

Clients may contract for land acquisition services exclusive of or in conjunction with other services the firm provides.

I feel personally enriched by the lives we touch when working within communities to acquire property. I am proud to be a part of a team of acquisition experts at Croy Engineering who share the same vision: that real estate acquisition for infrastructure and development is an integral part of economic growth. Croy provides one of the most experienced teams of real estate professionals providing services at federal, state and local levels, who are able to help landowners keep pace with the growth of their community, while meeting the goals of the client. Lynn Wiggington Lynn Wiggington Land Acquisition Manager