Smyrna Recycling Center

Croy undertook a site selection process to find three potential locations within a 3-mile targeted area for the development of a recycling center for the City of Smyrna. This process included identifying potential sites and preparing conceptual site plans and cost estimates for consideration by the City. The selected site was an existing 0.95-acre oil […]

Ward Street – Belmont Hills Connector and Roundabout

As part of the City of Smyrna’s program management contract, Croy Engineering prepared roadway design plans for the new connector located between the redevelopment project of Belmont Hills and already existing Ward Street. It was determined that a single lane roundabout would be the most cost effective solution, provide the greatest benefit to traffic movements, […]

City of Kennesaw 2011 and 2016 SPLOST Program Management and On-Call Engineering

Croy Engineering was selected as the City of Kennesaw’s Program Manager to assist with implementation of their 2011 and 2016 SPLOST programs. In this capacity, Croy has been assigned numerous tasks including roadway design, traffic study and analysis, plan review, ROW acquisition assistance, and construction management/inspection. Projects have included: Dallas/Watts Intersection Improvements – Roundabout design […]

Spring Road Improvements

In order to enhance the efficiency of traffic flow, Croy Engineering collaborated with the City of Smyrna to create design plans for the widening and reconstruction of Spring Road from west of Bell Drive to the US 41 intersection. Project components and services included: Widening of roadway from four lanes to six, with three lanes […]

Smyrna Security Upgrades – ACEC Georgia Engineering Excellence Honor Award Winner

ACEC Georgia Engineering Excellence Honor Award Winning Project With a continued significant growth in population, The City of Smyrna had a rising need to monitor key areas of the city from a central location. Primary goals were traffic efficiency, event management, security, and weather-related events. Croy Engineering was selected to work with the City on […]

Windy Hill Boulevard

The proposed Windy Hill Boulevard project consists of reconstructing the existing 5-lane roadway between South Cobb Drive and Atlanta Road with a boulevard section that will accommodate all forms of travel including vehicular, pedestrian, bicycle, and transit.  The proposed roadway will include:  Four express lanes to facilitate east/west through traffic by providing unfettered mobility via […]

City of Marietta Right-of-Way Program Management Services

Croy Engineering manages the acquisition of all right-of-way and easements for the numerous projects undertaken by the City. The projects vary in scope from major road widening projects and intersection improvements to pedestrian and multiuse trail projects. Recent projects include: Fairground Street Improvements – Addition of a raised median, turn bays, signal improvements, and pedestrian […]

Cobb County 2005, 2011, and 2016 SPLOST Program Management Team

Croy Engineering is a member of the Program Management Team for the 2005, 2011, and 2016 Cobb County SPLOST Program. These programs are comprised of capital improvement projects that include major roadway improvements, sidewalks, trails, streetscapes, intersection improvements, resurfacing, roadway safety improvements and new location projects.  Services Croy staff is providing include: Construction Inspection Construction Management Right-of-Way […]

Smyrna ITS

To improve traffic flow, reduce congestion, better respond to incident management, and enhance air quality, the City of Smyrna is upgrading the ability to communicate with their 52 existing traffic signals to a centralized command and control system, and implement a traffic control center (TCC). In addition, Smyrna will utilize resources more efficiently by investigating […]

City of Smyrna Stormwater Structure Inventory

Croy Engineering provided GPS/GIS/Surveying Services for the data collection effort for the entire stormwater structure network within the City Limits of Smyrna. The City of Smyrna encompasses approximately 15.1 square miles and includes 10,400+/- storm structures (not counting 190+/- detention ponds). The inventory data was determined to be “survey grade” quality and subsequently this data […]