Croy Engineering’s Planning Services:
  • Transportation and Traffic Planning
  • Transit Planning
  • Aviation Planning
  • LCI Studies
  • Community Planning
  • Public Involvement
  • Rezoning
  • Government Analysis
  • Recreational Master Planning
  • Environmental

Croy Engineering’s Planning Services Division is comprised of creative, talented and skilled professionals dedicated to providing planning services for public and private sector clients. The planning team helps clients develop projects that embody strong design and timeless results. While demonstrating ingenuity and functionality, Croy Engineering projects are recognized as successful by clients, owners and communities.

Croy Engineering recognizes the economic return on perception, and strives to lead clients to optimal planning and design decisions that maximize return on investment. Croy Engineering makes design and planning recommendations that reduce infrastructure costs and minimize environmental impacts. This process results in innovative, creative and workable plans for industrial, commercial, residential and mixed-use communities as well as regional, state, county and municipal government entities. 


Thorough and citizen-engaged planning is a multi-step process for effectuating change through investment in transportation projects. It is extremely gratifying to help navigate clients through these phases and advance a project that maximizes the benefits identified through a robust planning process. <a href="/team/daniel-b-dobry-jr-p-e-ptoe-aicp/">Dan Dobry, AICP, P.E., PTOE</a> Dan Dobry, AICP, P.E., PTOE Traffic Engineering & Operations/Planning Division Manager